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Meet our Presenters
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Carol Browne
Our Country Music Specialist
Sean Campbell
On Tuesday Drive and Saturday Lunch
Enid Everingham
Passport: Monday 3pm to 5pm
Alex Field
aka "big Al". Country Music Identity.
Margaret Gillespie
of Maggie's Farm fame
Badboy Neil Hawes
President & Program Director. Baby Boomers & Rock n Roll and a cowboy hat
Peter Lavelle
Community Access Monday 9am - 11am
Jazz Sounds Sunday 10am - 12noon
Sam Maloney
The Saturday Sessions 1pm - 3pm
Ann McDonald
Breakfast Tuesdays from 6am to 9am
Denise McKenna
Patrick and Denise: Say It With Music, Thursdays 2pm to 4pm
Trent Molyneaux
Mondays Late Lunch 1pm to 3pm and Sundays Interlude Shuffle Gold 12noon to 1pm
Margo O'Reagan
Breakfast Fridays 6am to 9am
Jamie Palacios
Latin Corner Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Jason Ramsay
Mixedbag with Milo on Friday nights from 7pm to 9pm
John Samulski
Friday Night Cauldron 9pm to12pm
Lez Sanders
...famous as my name is, I'm sure there must be a couple of people who haven't heard of me :)
Andrew Smart
Dead Skunk
Ben Woods–Schepis
Ben and Jessie
Carte Blanche Thursdays 9pm to 11pm

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